U12’s vs Battswood 15-3 (VOB)

The boys did really well for their first game for the season. I want to say hearty congratulations to all the first year u12s that had their first taste of pitch ball. They performed really well and were able to get multiple hits in the game. Samuel, Joel, Noah Rathner(u10) Troy and Jaiden Johnson all getting hits in their first game. Battery mates JJ and Kolbe linking up well to stop any base runners from reaching first base in the few innings that they were together. Zeake finished off the game beautifully for the u12s. Thank you to all that helped clear up and support your team. We appreciate it. Mention must go to JJ for his huge home run in his second at bat.

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Vob u12s/10s beat helderberg u12s/15s 9 – 8

So they day started off with only 5 u12 players arriving for the game in helderberg… A quick chat with u10 coach David Beukes got us enough for a starting line up and a bench. Thanks must go to the u10 parents that stayed to support and let there kids play some real baseball. Most of the kids got to face real pitching for the first time in a game so it was awesome to see the excitement in there eyes.

Kolbe started on the hill for the macaws and got us back into the dug out after giving up a few walks and striking out 2 batters. With our normal catcher not around we had to go to Talun who is our third base usually and he struggled to hold into the 3rd strike, giving pirates easy passes onto base. A change in pitching and catching saw the macaws settle down and finish the game in style. U10 SS zeake Sellars did a sterling job In relief and getting us the win vs pirates.

Kolbe impressed at catcher during his stint and had a great play to end the game with pirates threatening to win the game in the last inning with 2 down and the macaws up 9-8 with runners on 1st and 2nd, pirates tried a double steal to get runners into scoring position but it back fired on them as zeake threw a perfect strike and caleb bell caught and fired the ball to smiley on third base for the tag out and ball game. Well done and Thank you to Dawie for helping me out with some great U10s for the win.

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12’s take 2nd loss but coaches find a way to bounce back.

U12s get second loss of season. Playing against a tough durbanville team with mainly 2nd year players we did really well to be in the lead by the 3 inning 6-5.

Mention must go out to our hitters for grinding it out against a top pitcher to get the lead after 3 innings. But as junior baseball goes one inning can change the fate of the game. And that’s what happened. One inning 4 runs and time is up. We battled we’ll in the heat to try and fight back.

But it was too late. Well done boys. Enjoy the short break and see you at our annual camp out on Sunday.

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Macaw 12’s breeze past Mavericks

In a shortened game the kids managed to squeeze in 9 runs even though we could have amassed so much more. But due to the amount of inexperienced players we had to stop the running game which we are very good at. And play it base by base on our hits.

We had great all around play by our boys from Nur having a great catching game to Jaedon throwing a complete game in 35 pitches and picking off a player on one,to Caleb chasing down a base runner trying to go from 2nd to third. Then Talun coming in to catch for his first time and doing a great job.

But I must say that the play of the day came from Alex Boyle hitting a double over the center fielders head and then also taking a catch in right field. Well done boys

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12’s fight an alternate style of baseball and win 11-10.

The Kids pull off another last inning win this Saturday against Maitland Giants 11 – 10. Again we hit our way to victory, with the team getting 12 hits and 4 walks combined. This is a good indication of where we want to be with this team by teaching them to hit ahead of teaching them to take walks because sometimes the pitching is not good and they struggle to throw strikes. But our kids are not allowed to let a strike go past them. if it is hittable they will be swinging at it.

Even though the score says it was a hitting game it was not. giants only accumulated 3 hits in total they had amassed 11 walks in the game. Their coach had them bunting runs home and letting their kids steal home as well . Not the right way to be coaching 10 and 11 year olds at all. But none the less The Kids did themselves proud by pulling off a hard-fought win. Bottom of the 4th inning we had Tristan Jeftha drawing a walk and getting the winning run on base. Then up steps Dale Lewis with none down , he perfectly hits the ball to right field getting tristan to thirdbase and himself to second on the over throw. Storm doyle who is 2 for 2 at this stage drives the ball between 1st and 2nd for his 3rd hit and the Game winning RBI .

Another mention must go to Caleb Bell for making a play down the middle with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 2 down in the 4th inning to end a threat of giants taking the lead, as well as Jaedon Jonathan coming in to relieve Talun on the hill when giants had their big inning. And the plays of the day for me was a diving stop by dante on first base and Nur’s drive to right centre in the second inning. Well done boys!!! things are looking bright.

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12’s fight to the end. 11-10

VOB 11 – Crusaders 10

Well done to the “kids” once again for coming from nowhere to secure the win. The thing that always amazes me is the drive and determination they have. We did not start off as we have been the previous weeks and after the 2nd inning we were down 7 – 2.

After the 3rd inning we were back at 7all. Awesome inning by the top of the line up. They got to see the pitcher for the second time and we got crucial at bat’s from the top 6 hitters (Dale, storm, dante, jaedon, nur, Caleb) to get in base for the bottom of the order hitters (Fayaad and Tristan). Some of the highlights in order of it happening. Jaedon’s sliding play behind second base with 2 down and bases loaded In the 4th inning with us behind by 2, he back hands it and hustles to the base to get the third out of the inning.

Dante hitting a bases loaded double to take the lead in the bottom of the 4th inning. And it was a ground rule double to right center. Then Storm coming in closing the game with 3 strike outs to secure the win. Well done boys and girls for the great fighting spirit and great comeback.

Good luck to all our kids for exams that start this week. Give it your all, as always.

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12’s pack their bags and hit the road.. 9-6

The start of a journey.

For me yesterday’s game was a watershed moment for the “the kids”. In every thing that happens in life comes from an action or a trigger. Yesterday it came from (to the naked eye an unlikely source) by chance because he was having a sleep over by a buddy and had to come to training with him… MO Maseko..

Leading off the third inning down 1 nil, MO drills the first pitch dead center way over the center fielders head that to me would have been an automatic home run and he legged out a triple. This action caused a raucous moment which “the kids” capitilised on and rode the wave with two more doubles( Talun and Jaedon) and a triple by catcher Nur Scello. All three of these hits were drives to right center. This had the supporters on the grandstand going crazy.

The real positive about this game was that we went down twice in the game and each time we fought back and took the lead. This shows the fight that these kids have. We had great pitching in really hot conditions from Jaedon and Talun. Jaedon with 3 innings 4 K’s 5 hits no walks. Talun 2 innings 1 bb and 1 k.

We had great baserunning and really good fielding whilst only making one error. “the kids” are figuring it out and the step from u10 till now is slowly diminishing. Out of my years of coaching I will admit that this process from taking tee ballers to u12 is hard. But we must all remember that it is a process that we need to understand. We cannot miss steps in the process. And we have to trust the process that we are giving to the kids.

And in saying this I believe that we have a great group of u12s coming through (and I am including some of the U10s that we have as well. The future is bright guys. Myself and Coach Jean are excited to be leading this process. But it’s not just us, we have had a great support staff.

I firstly would like to thank the amazing parents we have. You guys have been awesome. On the coaching part we have had instruction from u18 coach and catching expert Andrew Ball as well as senior player Lance Gordon. And parent help in the bench in Stanton and New masters shirt stop Alun. We appreciate it immensely.

Last point but I think it’s the most important one. I know that kids develop better when watching baseball and living it. Yesterday was a lovely example of our kids hanging around after they play and enjoying the day together. Playing in the cages, throwing bull pens, watching the games running around the stadium. Watching. Ire games. Talking to each other about their favorite senior players. They are starting to live the game. And that is where the real development happens. Not at training. But together learning fro. Each other and talking the game.

On that I say thank you to the parents again for allowing the kids to stay at the field after their game. Coach Paul and Coach jean

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U12 beat down Bothasig in the heat

This week the u12s got to play yet another game in the blistering heat. This time though we were much better prepared and it showed from the start of the game.

Starting pitcher Jaedon Jonathan did a sterling job and set the tone but sitting down 9 of 11 batters he faced ( 63 pitches 3 innings , 4 K’s 2 BB’s No hits and 1 run scored ) Storm Doyle came on and shut them down for 2 innings ( 28 pitches , 2 Ks 1 BB) Caleb Bell came on in the last and closed it down for the home team by striking out 3 of the batters he faced ( 14 pitches , 3 K’s).

Mention must go to Nur Scello for his hard work behind the plate (catcher) and for catching the whole game in the heat and throwing a runner out at second base from his knees. On this day our defense was amazing with the infield making all the plays that came to them. Talun with 2 assists and one catch, storm with 3 assists and one catch, Fayaad filling in at second with one assist while Riley and Dante splitting time at 1st base handling all the balls that was thrown at them! on the batting side I was even more proud of our players as the battled in the box against 2 hard throwing pitchers by scoring 2 runs in the first inning then 5 runs in the 3rd inning .

When Bothasig brought their second pitcher on it and he was throwing harder than the first pitcher we knew it was going to be tough. But we battled again and got on base quite a bit against him .

Jaedon Jonathan 2 for 3 ( 2 singles , 1 BB and 2 stolen bases) Talun Davies 1 for 2 ( Double and 2 walks 1 Stolen base) Caleb Bell 0 for 0 ( 3 BB and 4 Stolen bases) Nicolas 0 for 0 ( 1 BB 1 HPB 2 Stolen bases ).

Special thanks must go to Thomas ( Father of Nicolas) who helped me as our first base coach while our assistant Coach Jean was on Concert Duty this weekend. More special thanks to all the parents that donated for our team braai that happened after the game , hopefully we can have another one next home game and have more kids down as they had a great time. Thank you to Stanton ( Jaedon’s dad ) and Brandon (Dales dad) for braaing and feeding the kids.

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