About Us

VOB Baseball & Softball Club is situated in Kenwyn in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. Our facility is based at the Chukker Road Sports complex (CRSC) in Kenwyn. All our baseball teams training sessions and home games take place at CRSC. Our softball division’s fixtures take place at the Turfhall Sports complex in Crawford and training sessions take place at CRSC.

We have excellent coaches with many players and coaches having represented the club at Provincial and National level across all age groups during the club’s existence. If you want to improve the standard of your game or just want to stay active VOB is the place to be!!!

VOB Baseball is very active in the International Inbound Series called Pole2Pole Baseball with the German Baseball Academy.


Co-Life Presidents

Michael Bell Snr & Brian Lombard


Honorary Vice Presidents

Alicia Bell, Deon Beier, Anthony Hunter, Reggie Emmanuel, Keith Keeson ,Hadley Craig, Greg Willemburg, Rob Nelson , Abel Levitt

Executive Committee

  • Chairman: Kevin Johnson
  • Vice Chairman: Jermaine Boyle
  • Secretary: Merle November
  • Treasurer: Robin Jones
  • Treasurer: Colleen Petersen
  • P.R.O/Events: David Beukes
  • Baseball Club Captain: Grant Emmanuel
  • Softball Club Captain: Terri-Lee Barends
  • Youth Convenor: David Beukes (acting)
  • Additional members: Jared Haynes, Brevan Pharaoh, Charles Elissac, Shaunal Mack, Lance Abrahams

Coaching Staff

Senior Baseball

  • Head of coaching – Kevin Johnson
  • Major League – Cedric Johnson (head), Brevan Pharaoh and Andrew Ball (assistants)
  • First Reserve – Brevan Pharaoh (head) Andrew Ball (assistant)
  • Masters – Nadeem Orrie< Yusuf Daniels, Glen Josephs Senior Softball
  • First team – Brian Lombard

Junior Baseball

  • U/10 – Denver Johnson, Barry de Wet
  • U/12 – Altino Elliot, Charles Ellisac
  • U/15 – David Beukes, Byron Rudimuldu
  • U/18 – Andrew Ball, Zubair Larney

Catching Specialist – Andrew Ball
Pitching Specialist – Cedric Johnson


Available Teams

Senior Teams:

Baseball – Major League, 1st Reserve League and Masters

Softball – Super League, 3rd League,

Junior Teams :

Baseball – Pee Wees, u/10, u/12, u/15, u/18

Softball – u13