10’s deal with the heat and Bothasig

U10’s played Bothasig on Saturday and won the game 15 – 3.

The boys took the field and restricted Bothasig too only one point in the first frame, good fielding and stopping in the diamond by Caleb Abrahams at second and Rustum De Bruyn and Donovan Pietersen at pitcher made the pegs to first base look easy where Zeake Seller took 5 outs on 1st base, the boys then restricted their opponents to no runs in the second and third frame.

Donovan Pietersen took 4 brilliant catches at pitcher position, Caleb Abrahams took 6 catches at second and Rustum De Bruyn 2 at short stop. The boys batted well this week against Bothasig. Zeake Seller impressed me with his catching on first base taking 11 catches in the game. Well done boys you deserved that win. 👏👏👏

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15’s dig deep after ‘Sig fight back

A very excited u15 side were at the field bright and early on Saturday for their first home game of the season. Still running on a high after the previous week’s, almost flawless performance.

A tough decision had to be made by the coaching staff as it’s never easy when there are 16 players in the squad.
The starting 9 got off to a bit of a “shaky” start conceding a run in the top of the 1st frame. After getting went to bat, easily scoring the max 5 runs.

Unfortunately, the top of the 2nd frame was to be no different than the first and the outs only came after another 2 runs were conceded. Our 2nd turn at bat proved to be a bit more difficult than the 1st as we were not able to score any runs.

It was only in the 3rd frame after a few changes were made that we buckled down on the field and managed to get all the outs without allowing in any runs. With only a 2-run lead, we needed to put a few more runs on the board but this wasn’t to be the case. Bothasig pulled together and shut down VOB’s innings easily, with no runs being scored.

Bothasig then did the unexpected and came back in the last frame to equal the score, which had all our players quite worried. Some disciplined VOB batting and fantastic base running. to capitalize on the very few errors made by Bothasig, saw VOB score 3 more runs before the game was called as we had reached our time limit. VOB 10 – 7 Bothasig

Thanks to Kevin, who selflessly umpired our game despite it being his birthday. Much appreciated!

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U12 beat down Bothasig in the heat

This week the u12s got to play yet another game in the blistering heat. This time though we were much better prepared and it showed from the start of the game.

Starting pitcher Jaedon Jonathan did a sterling job and set the tone but sitting down 9 of 11 batters he faced ( 63 pitches 3 innings , 4 K’s 2 BB’s No hits and 1 run scored ) Storm Doyle came on and shut them down for 2 innings ( 28 pitches , 2 Ks 1 BB) Caleb Bell came on in the last and closed it down for the home team by striking out 3 of the batters he faced ( 14 pitches , 3 K’s).

Mention must go to Nur Scello for his hard work behind the plate (catcher) and for catching the whole game in the heat and throwing a runner out at second base from his knees. On this day our defense was amazing with the infield making all the plays that came to them. Talun with 2 assists and one catch, storm with 3 assists and one catch, Fayaad filling in at second with one assist while Riley and Dante splitting time at 1st base handling all the balls that was thrown at them! on the batting side I was even more proud of our players as the battled in the box against 2 hard throwing pitchers by scoring 2 runs in the first inning then 5 runs in the 3rd inning .

When Bothasig brought their second pitcher on it and he was throwing harder than the first pitcher we knew it was going to be tough. But we battled again and got on base quite a bit against him .

Jaedon Jonathan 2 for 3 ( 2 singles , 1 BB and 2 stolen bases) Talun Davies 1 for 2 ( Double and 2 walks 1 Stolen base) Caleb Bell 0 for 0 ( 3 BB and 4 Stolen bases) Nicolas 0 for 0 ( 1 BB 1 HPB 2 Stolen bases ).

Special thanks must go to Thomas ( Father of Nicolas) who helped me as our first base coach while our assistant Coach Jean was on Concert Duty this weekend. More special thanks to all the parents that donated for our team braai that happened after the game , hopefully we can have another one next home game and have more kids down as they had a great time. Thank you to Stanton ( Jaedon’s dad ) and Brandon (Dales dad) for braaing and feeding the kids.

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VOB U18 In Comeback Win vs Bothasig 3 – 4 (W)

Two final innings rbi triples takes VOB U18 over the line

(W 2 – L 0)

Another hot still Saturday morning saw an evenly matched VOB and ‘Sig U18 face each other. After last season’s come from behind win at Bothasig both sides were anticipating another tough battle.

Luke Budler started well with a strikeout, then walked the next two. With runner’s at the corner’s aggressive running by Sig, and smart play by VOB’s infield saw an out in a run down between 3rd and home. Budler then closed down any further danger with the second of his eight K’s. A fielder’s choice and a hit to the right side of the diamond saw VOB put a runner on 3rd, but good pitching from Sig closed down our hitting. 0 – 0.

Two strike outs and a groundball saw Sig retired, and VOB up to bat again. Two none down walks set up an opportunity for VOB U18, only for a missed signal, resulting in a popped up bunt to the pitcher, and two strike outs, to see no runs scored. 0 – 0.

Budler then dominated the next Sig innings with 3 K’s. With the top order up again VOB looked to get things going as Luke November drove a middle infield single through the gap left by Sig shifting for a pull. Budler then singled to left field. With runner’s one and two, and none down, some overambitious running saw an out at 3rd. A walk saw runners a 1st and 2nd again, but a broken bat fielder’s choice and a K saw the game tied at 0 – 0 going into the 4th.

With Budler at 62 pitches and facing the meat of the Sig order this was going to be a moment in the game to watch. A walk, a “Texas Leaguer” landing just beyond 2nd base, a K, and a walk saw Budler give way to lefty Kian Afrika. Bases loaded, one down, and 0 – 0, was a tough ask. A good contest ended in an rbi walk and Sig were ahead. A K for the second out and it looked like the damage had been limited, but, with the hitter looking to stretch the count, another walk saw a second run come in. Kian then recovered get the third out. Facing the bottom of the VOB order the Sig pitching stayed on message and three K’s saw VOB 2 – 0 down.

Kian looked to back on track starting the fifth with a K, but then worked too fine and gave away a walk. A balk saw the Sig runner on 2nd , and a good jump saw him steal 3rd. A walk was followed by a ground ball to the right of the diamond and Sig were 3 – 0 ahead. A K closed out their hitting turn. With the clock winding down and facing 9, 1, 2 Sig let their effective rightie starter, who was sitting on a shut out, stay in. a K saw them two outs from the W. Budler drew a walk and Sig brought in their leftie to close. Two wild pitches saw Luke open the scoring for VOB. Matthew Blows, in for Keegan (injury) then drew the walk and VOB had the tying run on. Cleanup Jordyn Riffel then did his job and smashed a triple into deep left to tie up the game. Up stepped Seth Beukes. His walk off triple into deep centrefield settled the matter. 3 – 4.

Coach’s comment – Consistent hard swings paid off. A good game to win, but some work to do.

Batting: Seth Beukes 1 – 2 (triple), 1 IBB, 1 rbi; Jordyn Riffel 1 – 3 (triple), 2 rbi’s; Luke November 1 – 1, 1 bb, 1 HP; Luke Budler 1 – 2, 1 bb.

Pitching: Luke Budler 3.1 innings, 8 K, 1 hit, 5 bb, 2 runs, 2 earned; Kian Afrika (W) 1.2 innings, 4 hits, 4 bb, 1 runs, 1 earned.

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ML vs Bothasig 0-17

Our home opener and the boys just never rocked up to play. From the very first inning we gave away walks and made errors and it never stopped till the end of the game. Macaws started with lefty Damian Perkins hoping to have a few pitchers stretched out over the next few weeks and hopefully make Bothasig something different. However walks, errors and one or two hits cost us big time today.

We faced SA pitcher Jared Elario who has been preparing for months for the French series and it showed. He mowed down our hitters with pace and precision. When we did get on base we could not capitalize.

With a very young team we will have good games and bad ones. Today was one of the latter. Now for our young boys to show character and start all over again next week.

Kevin Mullins and young Luke Budler got their first taste of ML baseball with Mullins also getting his first ML hit. Budler was comfortable in the outfield and ended the day playing all three outfield positions between u18,MLR and ML today.

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Masters vs Battswood, 12-2.

It was a scorcher in Cape Town today as we took on out neighbours. Unfortunately some guys mistook the field for Athlone baths as there was lots of diving going on. Some guys took a dive into the ball, some guys took a dive next to the ball. And it soooo was not pretty. Hadley and Overs doing most of the diving looked like they saw perlamoen somewhere on that field.

Owen and Haliem looked really classy as a 72 year old struck them out with minimal effort. The man could hardly walk. Haliem may have moved one or two vertebrae as he swung into nowhere. Our pitching was great as Hadley and Glen shared the day. Our Newby Rafael Nadal started the game a little nervous but gave us quite a performance after the game which will long be remembered.

We are still having a problem with our leadoff spot as Kulpy got given the spot but struggled a bit as he hit someone the night before with his knee. Welcome back to all the guys who played their first game. Overall lots of laughter and a good afternoon in great company. Oh and Wayne still has a lam boud. 😂

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VOB U18 Win Season Opener At Bellville

VOB U18 Win Season Opener At Bellville at PP Smit Stadium, Bellville. 14 – 5 (W)

Eight hits from seven batters

(W 1 – L 0)

Saturday saw the first round of the U18 league at a windless and hot PP Smit Stadium. VOB U18 came up against Bellville U18 , second in the standings over the past two seasons, but currently in a rebuild phase.

A hit to the opposite side, extended by an error, saw leadoff Luke November on third. An infield error saw him score. Good contact then saw Luke Budler move around the diamond, and score on a fielder’s choice to the right of the diamond by Seth Beukes. Budler, in his first stint on the U18 mound, put the first two runners on with walks. A pop fly, and a base running error, saw Bellville two down, and the innings was finished with the first of 6 strikeouts by Budler. 2 – 0.

A two down walk at the top of the VOB U18 order, and a double by Budler, followed by double from lefty Keegan Hickley, saw Luke and Budler again scoring. Following an opening hit by pitch, Budler then steadied himself and delivered three bottom order K’s. 4 – 0.

2 walks, and a double by Shak Jattiem saw two runs scored and Bellville pull their experienced starting pitcher. A 2 – 0 count drive by Zinedine Rocks, a walk, and a double by Luke November saw Shak and Zinedine score. Two more walks then saw 9-hitter Alec Adonis walked in for the 5th run, and compulsory side away. A well taken fly to short stop, and two K’s bracketing a walk, saw Budler again wrap up the Bellville innings in short order. 9 – 0.

A hit by pitch, a walk, and a double from Seth Beukes, saw Jordyn Riffel score. Two more walks saw Josh Adonis cross the plate, and a second pitching change. An error then saw Seth score, and Jared Riffel, (U15) in for Luke at catcher, drove in Shak, Zinedine and Alec (with Alec’s run not counting due to the 5 run compulsory side down rule). Budler then gave way to Josh on the mound, who struggled with control. A walk turned into a run on a dropped fly. Two further walks turned in two runs on a well hit line drive down the third base line. Finally an out on a ground ball to the pitcher. Then the 5th run came in a well hit drive between third and short stop. This time we were saved by the 5 run compulsory side away – the first time since the last game of the 2016/17 season. 14 – 5.

Coach’s comment – good aggressive start with the bat. Good tight pitching from Luke Budler. Some mental errors. Some nerves. We will get better.

Batting: Luke November 2 – 2 (double), 1 bb, 2 rbi’s; Jared Riffel (U15) 1 -1(triple), 3 rbi’s; Keegan Hickley 1 – 2 (double), 1 bb, 4 rbi’s; Seth Beukes 1 – 2 (double), 1 bb, 2 rbi’s; Shakeel Jattiem 1 – 2 (double), 1 bb, 2 rbi’s; Luke Budler 1 – 2 (double), 1 bb, 1 rbi; Zinedine Rocks 1 – 2 (double), 1 bb, 1 rbi; Alec Adonis 0 – 2, 1 bb, 1 rbi.

Pitching: Luke Budler (W) 3 innings, 6 K, 0 hit, 3 bb, 0 runs, 0 earned; Josh Adonis 0.1 innings, 2 hits, 3 bb, 5 runs, 4 earned.

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VOB pull off the unlikely with a stunning win vs Bellville.

ML VOB vs Bellville 20-10-2018

Our opening game of 2018 was a road trip to PP Smit sports complex to face Bellville Tygers. Tygers have been a force over the last few seasons, but have not planned well for the future and I have seen the cracks started showing over the last two seasons. However, with the Macaws in their rebuild phase, Tygers would still be the favourites, especially at home.
Tygers had their SA pitcher, Kevin Townend, on the hill while the Macaws surprised by giving the ball, and his ML debut on the hill, to Jesse Johnson. Townend (3 IP, 3 hits, 2 BB’s, 2 K’s) and Johnson (3.1 IP, 2 hits, 1 BB, 2 K’s) had a good duel going for 2 innings before the Macaws exploded for 5 runs in the 3rd inning to rattle the Tygers.

Tygers replaced Townend with young Marcel Steyn, but he could not stop the bleeding and allowed a further 3 runs in the 4th inning before settling down. Steyn (3 IP, 3 hits, 4 BB’s, 3 K’s) was later replaced by Russel Olivier (3 IP, 6 hits, 2 K’s) who also gave up two runs in his stint on the hill.

The Macaws, meanwhile, looked to stay ahead and cause an upset. Johnson was replaced by newcomer, Damian Perkins, who happens to be the first lefty pitcher at VOB since Ruan Klink many years ago. Perkins (2.2 IP, 1 hit, 3K’s, 5 BB’s) managed to only give up 1 run, but was not as economical as he could have been. He did, however, manage to hold the lead before handing over to another newcomer, ex-KZN player Derrick Bayliss. Bayliss (3 IP, 5 hits, HBP, K) gave up 2 runs, but saw out the final 3 innings to give the Macaws a valuable opening Day win.

On the hitting front the Macaws surprised even more by outhitting a Tygers team ,that was minus a few players, 12-8. Bayliss had a dream debut going 3-3 (BB, SH, RBi) while Zubair Larney (2RBi’s), Jody Burch (RBi), Luke November (RBi) accounted for the runs scored in this game. As great as the result was VOB will have to be more clinical when runners are in run-scoring position as they left 13 on base.

A great result for VOB Macaws on Opening Day against perennial league winners or challengers Bellville Tygers. 

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Weekly Roundup 26th Nov 2017



PeeWees vs


Result: not important

Peewees played Crusaders and drew 18 all. The game was well supported. The peewees batting and fielding was on par showing much improvement in their play’s. The players enjoy themselves and had fun today. Well done Peewees.👏👏👏


U10’s vs Crusaders


Result: 23-18 (VOB)

The U10’s played Crusaders won 23 – 18. Our boys managed to play 6 frames in the blistering heat and kept their opponents scoreless in 2 of the frames. Some errors were made in the diamond that we need to work on, but at the end of the day they had fun. The game was very close. Caleb Bell, Storm Doyle, Chad Pastor and Daniel Arendse hit 1 homerun each. Tulan Davis was very good with the bat today hitting the ball all over the park and hitting 2 brilliant homeruns. Thanks again to the parents for their support. Well done boys
U12’s vs Crusaders



No report received


U14 Softball

VOB vs



No report received


U15 Senior Sluggers

vs Crusaders


Result: 7-6 (Crusaders)

This week we travelled to the only unbeaten side in this league and we knew it was going to be a tough one. Crusaders latched onto Josh November who started on the hill and scored 5 runs in the 1st inning. There was no means of defending against this as Crusaders managed to find all the holes in the field. We came back in the 2nd inning with the bat scoring 4 and then a further 2 runs in the 4th thanks to an awesome bunt by Shakeel Jattiem.. Josh managed to contain Crusaders in the next 2 innings and was replaced by Jared Riffel. He totally dominated with his pace and variation allowing only 2 runs in his 3 innings pitched. Crusaders were lucky to remain unbeaten taking the game 7 – 6, but best they be ready for the return leg. A big thank you to Kevin Johnson who took over the game as I had to leave to go and coach the Young Guns.





Can we please ask that parents not get involved with calls made by the umpire or chirps from the opposition as this reflects badly on the club and the boys then think that they can do the same. At the same time kindly refrain from negative comments during a game. Remember, they are kids, they learning and they most certainly are trying their best so let’s be positive in the comments that get passed.



U15 Young Guns

vs Battswood


Result: 11-8 (Battswood)

Like Crusaders, Battswood also found all the holes in the field managing to score 9 runs in the first 2 innings. This must really have motivated Zinadene Rocks to throw harder as they only managed to score a further 2 runs in the next 3 innings. Zinadene threw with control and with total heart as he slowly took control of the game striking out 7 batters. With some of the regulars not available some positional changes were required and the ladies (Madison Blows at 3rd & Jade November at 1st) really performed exceptionally in their new positions. Best batter on the day went to the Jayden Davis and player of the day went to Zinadene Rocks for his sterling performance. This team is really showing what fun baseball is all about. Irrespective of the result you will always find them smiling and having a total blast. Final result 8 – 11 to Battswood.


U18’s vs Crusaders


Result:  11-5 (VOB)

VOB U18 Win from Behind – Again


Batting first at a breezy Rooikrans Sports Ground in Grassy Park, VOB U18 blew the chance to go into a dominant position in the first.  First up designated hitter Luke November drew a hit by pitched ball, advanced on a wild pitch and a steal, and scored on Luke Budler’s hit. Budler stole 2nd, and advanced on a wild pitch.  Jesse Johnson walked and advanced to second on catcher indifference. It looked like runs. Not to be as 4, 5 and 6 were retired by 2 K’s and a long fly.  Crusaders bounced back with a hit, a walk, and a double to score one, before starter Johannes Nuy was able to induce two pop fly’s and a ground ball to short stop.  1 -1.


Again VOB U18 got runners on through a walk and hit, but a missed signal cost us.  Crusaders then piled in as Johannes struggled to find the edges.  Two walks sandwiched a K, and then runs followed on a long double to left, and missed shallow fly, and blown run down.  Not our best performance.  1 – 5.


Up stepped the team.  Luke and Jesse walked.  Jesse punched a double, scoring Luke, and Jordyn Riffel singled over the 2nd base to score Budler and Jesse.  The top order had done their job and we were back in it.  Johannes in turn held firm and we were at 4 – 5.


3 walks and a fielder’s choice saw VOB U18 load up the bases, and Budler did his job perfectly, driving in Keegan Hickley and Abduraghmaan “Durie” Wakefield.  The bases were loaded again as Jesse walked, and Jordyn then drove in Luke and Budler.  Jesse then scored on a wild pitch as Alex Japhta drew a walk to end the innings on the 5 run rule with one down only. 9 – 5.


Up stepped lefty Kian Africa and he efficiently set about closing out Crusaders hopes of a comeback.  A further run in the top of the 5th from Liam Willemburg, who scored on Durie’s second hit of the day, kept the momentum shift going.  Alex Japhta, who had bagged 3 pop fly’s at catcher, and made a good recovery throw for a caught stealing at 3rd in earlier frames, then put the cherry on the top with a strong throw to 2nd for another caught stealing.  Kian promptly finished it off. 10 – 5.


Batting: Luke Budler 2 – 2, 1 bb, 3 rbi’s; Jordyn Riffel 2 – 3,  2 rbi’s; Abduraghmaan Wakefield 2 – 3, 1 rbi;  Jesse Johnson 1 – 1 , 2 bb, 1 rbi.


Pitching: Johannes Nuy 3 innings, 1 K, 4 hits, 3 bb, 5 runs, 2 earned; Kian Africa (W) 2 innings, 3 K, 1 hit, 1 bb, 0 runs, 0 earned.


Thanks to Liam’s dad, Craig, for acting as a base ump; and Brady for being a very able assistant coach.




Masters vs Bellville


Result: 12-2 (VOB)



Masters vs Battswood


Result: 11-9 (VOB)



Once again the bats were working for us with no errors I can remember. We welcomed a few new players over the weekend who proved that they still have it. Adie, Clinton Overmeyer, Shaun, Haliem and others with some great hitting. Highlight of the day was Mark Isaacs hitting 2 homeruns on his return like he wasn’t gone at all. Overall a great game played in great spirit and lots of fun and laughter as always.


What should have been a fairly comfortable win turned out to be quite a challenging game. Ruan started a little off balance on the mound but in the end proved too strong for the opponents’ batting. One of the great comebacks from the boys with the bats. Trailing until the end where the bats once again woke up and went crazy. Some serious character shown by all. Some dodgy calls from the umpire, Glen Joseph, who cried to the coach saying that he wants to come into the game. Apparently the team needed him. Welcome Michael Kulp to the VOB team. Kulpie looked very comfortable in the VOB uniform and even handed out Blue energade to the guys after the game. Guys acted a bit strange after those drink so not sure what happened. A great comeback accompanied by great finishing with Ruan securing us this win. Lotsa fun and laughter made it a great day.




MLR vs Crusaders


Result: 8-6 (VOB)



MLR vs Pirates


Result: 13-2 (VOB)


Another windy day out in Southern Suburbs saw VOB take on the Crusaders of Grassy Park. VOB were keen to build on the recent momentum gathered by the senior team. Eager to get out of the blocks early VOB scored three runs in the first inning. VOB started with Lee van Wyk on the mound and kept Crusaders scoreless in the first. Then VOB added two more runs in the second and allowed Crusaders to score one run taking the score to 5-1.

VOB went to sleep in the middle innings allowing Crusaders to pull back two runs while VOB failed to score, making it a tight game at 5-3 by the top of the 6th inning.

VOB started a rally at the top of the 6th to score 2 more runs. Matthew Darius replaced Lee van Wyk on the mound. In Crusaders batting turn they matched the efforts of VOB taking the score to 7-5.

VOB managed another run in the 7th and had to defend 3 runs to get the victory. Crusaders got their leadoff on but VOB remained composed and went for the easy outs, leaving the runner to score, but running out winners 8-6.

A game that remained close but one that we never seemed in danger of losing. The team has stepped up from the early season promise and is improving by the day.



On another windy day with the temperature around the 30-degree mark VOB travelled to Somerset West for the Sunday fixture. The VOB players were eager to continue where they left off on Saturday with 16 players on the line-up sheet. This is unheard of for a Sunday reserve team fixture.

With players like Miguel Wilson, Robin Jones, Luke November, Matthew Darius, Jesse Johnson, Liam Willemburg all with Major League experience and many more players who are regulars in the Major League squad, it was always going to be a tough ask for Helderberg to keep VOB in check.

VOB started the game well, getting runners on base early but only managed one run. Jesse Johnson started on the mound and dominated the Helderberg line-up, keeping them scoreless in the first.

In the next 2 innings, VOB scored six more runs while keeping Helderberg scoreless, taking the score to 7-0. VOB made seven changes to the line-up in the fourth inning using all of their substitutes.

VOB scored six more runs in the final 3 innings taking the score to 13-0 before giving Jordan Leppan a stint on the mound. With the game won VOB was sloppy in the field making several errors and allowing two runs to score. The final score was 13-2 to VOB.




ML vs Crusaders


Result: 8-3 (VOB)



ML vs Pirates


Result: 12-8 (VOB)


On Saturday we were on the road to Grassy Park to face Crusaders who, after surviving the relegation drop due to a league format change, went 4-0 to start the season. However, their fortunes were soon to change and they started skidding down the log table and the Macaws were wary of the dangerous “wounded animal”.

Ex-Crusaders players Michael “Mikey #1” Scritten was given the ball to take on his old team. This would not only be a game against 9 opponents, but ALL the Crusaders supporters as well. They gave Scritten plenty of stick, but he handled it brilliantly and pitched 7 innings (2 hits, ER, 5BB’s, HBP and 4K’s) before he handed the ball to our Canadian pitcher Andy Orfanakos to close the game. Andy (2 inn, 2K’s) faced the minimum 6 hitters and closed like a true closer.

As we have become accustomed this season so far, our hitters kept their best for late in the game, scoring from 4th to 8th inning to take the game away from crusaders. Best hitters were Kieran Moore (2-4, RBi), Altino Elliot (1-2, SF, HBP, RBi) and Zubair Larney (2-3, HBP, 3xSB, 2 RBi’s).

Contrasting feelings with the Macaws continuing on their 5-game win streak while Crusaders plummeted to their 5th straight loss.

Player of the game was Michael Scritten for his sterling pitching performance.


On Sunday we took our first trip to Somerset West to face Helderberg Pirates in years. The wind was pumping, but it was still scorching hot. With the team on a nice 5-game win streak the belief in the team can be seen by all. This is a new team currently and starting to play a little to their potential.

The ball was given to Josh Rich to continue the streak, but he struggled to get going and we were forced to make a change early as Pirates were just connecting and finding all the gaps. Josh (1.2 inn, 6 hits, 6ER’s, BB, 3 HBP, K, WP) was replaced by Jayde “madmax” Thorne to”stop the bleeding” which he did perfectly. Thorne (7.1 inn, 10 hits, 2BB’s, IBB and 7K’s) only gave up 2 more runs for the rest of the game to keep the Macaws winning streak going.

Although the hitters were getting on base regularly, they just did not make it count and left 10 runners on base before eventually exploding for a big inning when some pinch hitting changes were made. The best hitters were Lance Gordon (3-3, BB, SB, RBi) and Michael Scritten (2-4, 2B, BB, 2RBi’s) with Marc “makes” Quickfall getting the big pinch bases-clearing triple that blew the game apart in the 8th inning.

Two wins over the weekend gets the Macaws into third position on the log and continues the streak!

We also need to thank our behind-the-scenes-always-there scorer, Judi Beukes, for doing such a selfless job so brilliantly. Thanks Judi!

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