We started with Glen on the mound and as most of the times, he looked good. The problem is, he’s batting is not looking the same at the moment. I think for this season he’s bat has more kisses that actual hits. Overs played right field again and to all our surprise looked very good. No errors, and didn’t look uncomfortable at all.

Only because not one ball was hit to rightfield. Alghamdurilah. Charlie hit a gorgeous homerun and looked very sharp at shorts top. Yusuf had bases loaded and hit an absolutely fantastic linedrive, about 2 metres short of the fence which would have been his first grandslam.However it did clear the bases and turned out to be a three base hit.

Overs had the same opportunity, but looked no where near. Adam made a welcome comeback in his first game with 2 at bat’s and 2 strike outs. He was the first and the third out in one inning.Welcome back Adam. He even made Glen look good. We could have had a shutout, but Glen dropped a routine flyball as he got a hectic kak out session from the coach. Somma on the field infront of everyone.

I would have dealt with it slightly differently though. I would have taken him into the bushes and beat the crap out of him. I guess we all different. A lekka game with lekka laughs as always. This is why I still play baseball at the tender age of 49.Because I have team mates like these. Final score VOB 18-1 PIRATES.