Weekly round up 22 October 2017

A very significant week in our VOB history with the news that VOB member and stalwart VOB family member, Brent Beier had lost his battle with Motor Neuron Disease (MND) at the young age of 37 years old. This really hit many members very hard this week, but in the usual VOB spirit, it also showed that this is a FAMILY. VOB has come together, as a club, over the past few months to assist the Beier’s in their time of need and I must say THANK YOU to every single person in this wonderful club.

And, as fate may have it, we were home to our derby rivals Athlone A’s, a team that Boere fought many battles against over the years. A more fitting fixture we could not have asked for.

Our senior first team ladies had no fixture, but our second team and youth were back at City Park, one of the venues that softball will be using while they recover from the vandalising of softball home, Turfhall stadium.

On to the weekend’s games!!

Youth teams

PeeWees vs A’s – Result: not important
Peewees played A’s and won comfortably 18 – 6. The diamond started the first frame with brilliant fielding, finding the bases with ease. A’s had players playing for the first season and they struggled to hit in the gaps. Our peewees went to bat and scored 9 runs in the first frame. Rustem De Bruyn was our lead off batter and his batting has improved significantly. Caleb Abrahams was the outstanding player of the day with brilliant hitting and fielding. Thanks you parents for your support. Well done peewees.

U10’s vs A’s – Result: 28-12 (VOB)
The U10’s played A’s and beat them 28-12. I must thank the parents for their support. The boys started the first frame with excellent fielding limiting their opponents to only 3 runs. They then went to bat and scored 8 runs. The batters cleared the diamond with ease and scored runs throughout the game. Caleb Bell played at second base and took 2 brilliant catches and hit 2 homeruns. Nur Scello was also outstanding at 3rd base, fielding and taking catches, he also hit 2 homeruns. Talun Davis, Chad Pastoor and Cayden Williams also hit homeruns. My player of the day was Caleb Abrahams for his quick thinking and knowledge of reading plays and for 3 brilliant catches at pitcher. What a player for me to have in a game and for a six-year-old with talent like this makes the game interesting for baseball. Well done boys for a good win.

U12’s vs A’s – Result: 11-6 (A’s)
After last week’s close game, VOB u12’s where hoping to bag their first win. Unfortunately, this was not to be as VOB got off to a slow start. It was only later in the game that we could get a few base runners on and score a few runs. Lots of place for improvement but well done to these awesome guys for their determination every week.
With 4 games played and 4 runs being scored in each of the first 2 games and 6 runs in the 3rd and another 6 in the 4th game, we hope that this weekend we see 8 runs and possibly our first W.

U14 Softball – VOB vs Lavender Hill – Result: 15-6 (L/Hill)
We have a good team but Lavender Hill have a few exceptional players, including two pitchers who throw with pace. While we matched them in the first, it was just a matter of time before they pulled away. Mercedes and Nawaar were the only hitters to make good contact, though we drew many walks.
Jesse continued to improve behind the plate, most of our other players wilting under the pressure.

U15 Senior Sluggers vs A’s – Result: 17-6 (A’s)
What should have been a relatively easy game turned into a nightmare from a pitching perspective. Having to use a total of 6 pitchers in the game we were always on the back foot in this game. Shakeel Jattiem tried his best to contain the opposition in his stint throwing 56 pitches in 3 innings and thereby claiming the player of the day award. A big concern is the boys mental approach as they were beaten when they saw a big Taariq Adams throwing for Athlone. The boys need to realise that one player does not determine the outcome of the game and that if they are going lose focus because of a mental issue, then they have already lost the game. With pitchers struggling, a lot of walks were handed to Athlone, and they magically managed to find all the holes in the field when they did hit. Despite losing this one 17 – 6, the boys spirits were still high which is a good sign that they can be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

U15 Young Guns vs Devonshire Rovers – Result: 5-4 (VOB)
Our very inexperienced Young Guns are proving that fun and learning will get them to enjoy the game and eventually to win more than they lose.
This weekend we had THREE girls in one team for the first time in a very long time with Kelly Johnson, Jade November and Madison Blows taking on the boys on an equal footing.
Young Josh November again did pitching duties and his arm will grow stronger with each outing from the senior distance. He was replaced by Nicholas Jeffries who also is growing in confidence from the senior pitching distance.
Young Hilton Coenraad at 3B is an absolutely raw talent who runs like the wind and looks like he throws stones the entire day. Keep an eye out for him in the future.
Even though we were in the lead when the umpire wanted to call the game, we decided that we had enough time to let the kids play more. The more they play the more they learn. In the end the extra inning was still not enough for Rovers to catch up and we ran out 5-4 winners. Well done boys and girls!!

U18’s vs A’s – Result: 11-2 (VOB)
Tight pitching, well worked walks backed by power hitting, and aggressive base running saw VOB U18’s put up a dominant performance against traditional rivals Athlone A’s.

A ground ball out at 3rd and sweet 6 – 4 – 3 double play closed out the A’s first batting turn with no runs scored. Leadoff Luke November and Luke Budler, at #2, then did their jobs, scoring off two walks, from drives by Jordyn Riffel and an Alex Japhta double. 0 – 2. A’s clawed one back as our middle infield struggled with the ball coming slower off the heavier than normal grass after last week’s rain. Aggressive, forcing running saw Liam Willenberg and Keegan Hickley scoring, and doubles by Jesse Johnson a Alex Japhta (again) saw VOB to the 5 run compulsory innings close as Haydn Abrahams, Luke and Budler crossed. 1 – 7. A walk and a throwing error saw A’s get another run back. VOB quickly answered with two runs as Luke’s drive scored Keegan and Haydn. 2 – 9.

Southpaw Kian Africa was stingy on the mound, closing out A’s in top of the 4th and 5th scoreless, assisted by a 4 – 3 double play. Haydn and Luke crossed for their 3rd runs of the game in the bottom of the 5th, as Budler crushed a double to left field, and Jesse then closed out the game. 2 – 11.

Overall the team showed purpose and focus, playing forward and building momentum, but missing signs is becoming a bit of a habit.

Batting: Alex Japhta 2 – 3, (2 doubles), 3 rbi; Jesse Johnson 1 – 3 (1 x double), 2 rbi’s, 1 bb; Luke November 1 – 3, 2 rbi’s, 3 runs scored; Luke Budler 1 – 3 (1 double), 2 rbis, 1 bb, 2 runs scored; Haydn Abrahams 0 – 0, 3 bb, 3 runs scored; Keegan Hickley 0 – 0, 2 bb, 2 runs scored;.

Pitching: Johannes 3 innings, 0 K’s, 1 hit, 2 bb, 1 hpb, 2 runs, 0 earned; Kian Africa (W) 2 innings, 2 K’s, 0 hits, 1 bb; Jesse 1 inning, 2 K’s, 1 bb

Thanks to Kevin Mullins and Raees for umpiring.

Senior baseball teams

Masters vs Silvertree – Result: 12-4 (VOB)
It started with both teams wearing black bands in remembering our great friend Brent Boere Beier. Never to be forgotten. Ruan was the pitcher on the day and made Silvertree hitters look very average with a great pitching performance. Their pitchers on the other hand speedwise you can compare to Wayne Ripepis running. You get slow then you get that speed. Some nice hitting by most of the guys and solid baserunning for a change. Highlight of the day was Wayne Ripepi stealing to 2nd on an overthrow and getting safe. Yes, you heard me correctly. Other than that a game was played in good spirit although with a little sadness in our hearts. We still managed to have fun and loads of laughter.

MLR vs A’s – Result: 5-3 (A’s)
VOB hosted Athlone in this Major League Reserve game. VOB started with Canadian new recruit Andy Orfanakos on mound. He started well keeping “The A’s” scoreless in the first inning. They countered with Yusuf Galant on the mound and kept VOB scoreless in the first inning as well.
Athlone got on the board first and took a 2-0 lead as Andy battled with his location a bit and was replaced on the mound by Josh Rich in the third inning. Josh pitched well but hitting 4 batters and a few fielding errors allowed Athlone to accumulate a few more runs while VOB only managed 3 runs going into the bottom of the last inning.
With the bottom of the VOB order up, it was a tough ask of the youngsters. Athlone managed to get the first out before VOB got a runner on base. Then some confusion on the bases led to a double play, which ended the match 5-3 to Athlone.
It was a disappointing loss but a good game. Top performers on the day were Raees Haron, Josh Rich and Lee van Wyk. The mistakes were once again the difference between the sides, but with all the new faces, it will take some time before the team becomes consistent and put in more results like that of last week.

ML vs A’s – Result: 11-8 (VOB)
The emotion in this game was palpable from the outset. With Brent Beier’s number on our arms and his playing jersey hanging in the dugout, this one was always going to be about Boere.
Michael Scritten (VOB) opposed A’s lefty Cameron Fortuin which was “strange” as both are ex-crusaders pitchers. Scritten (4.2 inn, 4ER) kept a tight rein on A’s, but could not stop them A’s from taking a 6-0 lead by the 5th inning. Fortuin (3.1 inn, 0 ER) was the complete opposite in that, although he allowed regular runners on, kept VOB from scoring by making crucial pitches to stop runs from being scored.
A’s were the first to make a pitching change bringing on SA pitcher Dean Jacobs in the 4th inning and that’s when the Macaws started their comeback. In 1.2 innings the Macaws scored 6ER’s before A’s called in their evergreen ace, Carl Michaels, to stem the tide. Michaels tried his best, but the Macaws smelt blood and, by the time Michaels had settled, it was too late. VOB took the opportunity to make a change of their own giving the ball to Jayde Thorne who pitched superbly from there and took the win.
Lee Marks made a welcome return to the game after his horrific car accident last season, but he struggled mightily striking out 4 times before being lifted – welcome back Lee. Best hitters for A’s were Dillon Daniels (4/5) and PJ Abrahams (2/3).
Best hitters for VOB were Paul Bell (4/4, BB), Luke November (1/2, 2B, Rbi) and Jody Burch (2/5, 2B) getting his first hits of the season.
Good overall performance by VOB showing character to come back after being down 6-0.
Player of the game was Paul Bell.

Senior softball teams


2nd vs St Augustines – Result: 18-4 (VOB)
Six available players at eight became ten at one. Thanks to Chiamaka, Tracey, Iman, and Alex, who came to the party at personal inconvenience.
Now to the game, a continuation of our dominance over most of the teams in this league. Doni and later Hannah, kept their hitters quiet, Alex catching confidently. Some recurring jitters in handling run-down situations was our only problems.
Though some of our less experienced players still have difficulties with pitch selection, we generally hit strongly against their consistent but slow pitcher. Our long-ball hitters were on song, Tracey, Doni, Terri, and Hannah hitting long home runs. The latter also smacked a triple. And Iman, her eleven years matching Alex’s debut last season, came into the game with assurance, driving the ball well, running the bases confidently, and scoring two runs.

And ….. to repeat yet again, we desperately need a manager and another coach so that the senior teams can be properly prepared.

Anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
Josh and Jade November (5/11), Yusuf Daniels (5/11), Hayden Abrahams (6/11 and Alex Japhta (9/11) all celebrate birthdays this week. Congratulations from the VOB family and we do love cake – just saying.

Events, Fundraisers, etc.
On Friday 27/10 we had our first boerewors fundraiser for club members who will get selected to represent WP this season and it was a great success. We will be doing this type of fundraiser regularly so that we assist all our players that get selected to represent WP at NBC next year in KZN. Please come and support whenever we have fundraisers because, if we start early, it makes life easier financially later.

Thought for the Week
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% HOW you react to it!! Too often we think that WE have problems in life when in fact we make it bigger than it really is. Look outside yourself and realise that very often your “problems” are really not as big as you make it out to be.


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Weekly Round up 22 October 2017

This weekend was the Home Opener at Chukker Road Sports Complex and what a beautiful day it was. We could not have asked for better weather as we welcomed Bellville Tygers to our grounds.

It was not all smooth sailing leading up to the weekend with our facility in desperate need of grass cutting, but thanks to Sammy Daniels and the Chukker Road FMC for coming through at the 11th hour (literally LOL) and getting the grass cut late on Friday evening. It meant that we had to do our own line marking, but that was easily taken care of early on Saturday morning.

Our softballers are having an even tougher time with the vandalism of Turfhall Stadium meaning that softball is being played at three different venues at the moment. Luckily our ladies have been at Turfhall only these past two weekends.

Speaking of vandalism, our floodlights were completely stripped by thieves at the end of last season and we have had endless meetings and fights with the City of Cape Town regarding the repairs, but the fact that we are not the only

ones in our area that this has happened to, means it has become more complicated. Turfhall was hard hit, Athlone A’s were hit a few weeks ago as was William Herbert Sports complex. We are keeping fingers crossed that the City of Cape Town will finalise what they need to and assist in these repairs sooner rather than later.

On to the weekend’s games!!

Youth teams

PeeWees vs Tygers – Result: not important
No report received

U10’s vs Tygers – Result: 20-14 (Tygers)
The U10’s played Bellville today and unfortunately did not win. The boys took the field in the first frame and Bellville came out swinging with the bat scoring 8 runs. Our fielding was not up to par with 3 players absent and being replaced with Peewees. I must compliment the peewees for playing a good game. Thank you to our supporters for cheering our boys on. Well done players, a game well played.

U12’s vs Tygers – Result: 11-4 (Tygers)
What an awesome display of enthusiasm by the u12 team.
Bellville decided to go with their nationalu12 pitcher, who had a brilliant start. This however, did not stop the boys from swinging the bat. With very little time they had of doing any form of batting practice, it was awesome to see how they refused to back down. Due to having a combination of inexperienced players and those facing a pitcher for the first time (after coming up from tee-ball) we were still experimenting with who plays where. These players made my task very difficult as they played so well in the positions they were selected in.
The positive in this game was that we managed to score 4 runs, 3 of which were runs batted in.
Well done to these amazing kids. It can only get better from here because it was already a major improvement from the week before so I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season.

U14 Softball – VOB vs Falcons – Result: 12-4 (VOB)
This team can hit, and they can run when they want to, which is just some of the time. Nawaar (Bokkie Jnr), Zahra (Tokkie), Zoe (Mustang) and Bling (Mercedes) batted strongly.
They can also field, Argentina (Hannah) outstanding as a fielding pitcher.

U15 Senior Sluggers vs Tygers – Result: 13-3 (VOB)
Bellville had no chance against the senior Sluggers with our boys getting in 8 hits in the first 2 frames. Young Josh “CM 51” November did a sterling job throwing 51 pitches in 3 innings. He was replaced by Jared “Perd” Riffel who shocked everyone with his excellent control and variation on the hill. Not much fielding for our boys due to our pitchers but the boys showed great discipline with the bat drawing 10 walks.
Player of the was Logan Hodges who performed like a superstar behind the plate.

U15 Young Guns vs Mavericks – Result: 13-15 (Mavericks)
Our Young Guns had their 1st outing against Mavericks and performed beyond expectation. These boys have a lot of heart and passion and this could be seen on game day. We still have a way to go, but we will get there. Player of the day goes to Jayden for an awesome hit to right field as well as some nice fielding.

U18’s vs Tygers – Result: 8-3 (VOB)
With Jesse Johnson back on the mound, a scoreless 1st frame was followed by Bellville drawing first blood in the top of the 2nd on a hit by pitch, stolen base, advance on a fly to right field, and a passed ball. Jesse closed out the innings with the second of what was to become an impressive ten strike outs. VOB U18’s bounced back immediately. Putting the ball in play, and hard running saw Jesse score from Liam Willemburg’s E6 ground ball. 1 – 1.

Three K’s through Tyger’s 9, 1, 2 saw VOB back at the plate. Poor decision making saw us lose our lead runner on a fielder’s choice out at 3rd. A hit from Luke Budler, a walk, a sac fly from Jordyn Riffel, and a hit from Liam, saw two runs scored. 1 – 3.

Another quick innings and we were back at bat again, only to see a well taken double play blank us. An error saw a Bellville’s bottom order get on, and then a second error saw them score a two down run. Again VOB bounced back. Luke November scored off Jesse’s sac fly, and, Jordyn, in the 5-hole, smashed a triple to the long centre field boundary scoring Budler. 2 – 5.

Two hits saw Bellville claw back a run, and lefty Kian Africa come to the mound with one down. A strikeout, a walk and a K saw VOB back at bat. Again hard running saw us turn a bobble into a runner on. A walk, an error, set the table for a two run double from an on fire Jesse, as Kian, and Luke added to the score. A passed ball saw Budler cross the plate as well. 3 – 8.

A ground out, a fly to centre, and a ground out saw Kian earn his first Save of the season. Job done.

Batting: Jesse Johnson 1 -2 (1 x double), 3 rbi’s, 1 bb; Jordyn Riffel 1 – 2 (1 x triple), sac fly, 2 rbi’s; Liam Willemburg 1 – 3, 2 rbi’s; Luke Budler 1 – 2, 1 rbi (sac fly), 3 runs scored; Luke November 1 – 3, 1 bb 3 runs scored; Haydn Abrahams 1 – 2; Alex Japhta 1 – 4.

Pitching: Jesse (W) 6.1 innings, 10 K’s, 3 hits, 1 bb, 1 hpb; Kian Africa (S) 1.21 innings, 2 K, 0 hits, 1 bb.

This week’s well done – Paul Bell who picked up the slack umpiring his second game of the morning, and Charlie Ellisac who came through after coaching the U12’s and relieved Paul.

Senior baseball teams

Masters vs Durbanville – Result: 9-0 (VOB)
The defending champions Durbanville forfeited this game due to not being able to field a team.

MLR vs Tygers – Result: 14-4 (Tygers)
Naeem Dollie started on the mound allowing 2 of the first 3 batters walks which Bellville converted to runs before he came back and tied the opposition batters up till the end of the 3rd inning. VOB started off well with the bat scoring 3 runs in the first inning to but struggled to build on that.

The score was 3-2 to VOB until the 4th when VOB made their first pitching change. Newcomer Lee van Wyk was brought on to the mound and did well striking out 2 of the first 3 batters he faced. He struggled to get the next out and was replaced by Brady Conradie later in the inning. Bellville capitalised in the inning adding 9 runs before the innings was brought to a close. VOB managed only 1 run in response taking their total to 4.

The 5th and final inning saw Altino Elliot take the mound to close out the inning after Bellville added another 3 runs taking their score to 14. In VOB’s final at bat they were unable to add to the score bringing the game to a close at 14-4.

It was a tough game in which one tough inning cost VOB. There were enough signs to indicate that this team will be a formidable unit once they click.

ML vs Tygers – Result: 14-3 (Tygers)
Our 1st home game of the season against the defending champions, Bellville Tygers started very brightly.
Jayde Thorne got the nod for the start and breezed through the top of the first inning. In reply, we scored 3 runs, Mathew Darius accounting for 2 of the 3 RBI’S. we lost Grant in the 1st inning due to a muscle strain which we hoping will not keep him out for a significant amount of time.
Unfortunately, that was all the damage we could do on the day. Bellville pitching settled and their offence started chipping away. Our old enemy (errors) was again responsible for turning the game on its head and handing Bellville the win. 7 errors and too many walks cost us dearly this week, turning a 0-3 lead going into the 4th into a 14-3 loss.
Many lessons to be taken from this loss, but the most encouraging aspect is that this young team, with Kieran Moore starting at SS and Jesse Johnson filling in for the injured Grant Emmanuel, added to Lance Gordon at catcher along with the more experienced players, stood toe to toe with a great baseball team. Some time and some gelling and this team is capable of some serious damage.
We will be looking to turn the corner this weekend, much more to come from this team.

Senior softball teams

SL vs Glenthorn A’s – Result: 1-8 (G-A’s)
A better scoreline than last week and again a break or two would have helped us considerably.
Davine’ was again the entertainer of the moment; two hits, a home run conceded (bumpy outfield!?!), and another brilliant catch. And then a boogie between third and second (not second and third).

2nd vs Khayelitsha Eagles – Result: 0-10 (Eagles)
The Khayelitsha first team were a different kettle of fish to last week’s rookies. We were outclassed, though our infield showed some good touches.

Anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
Slade Sellars (1/10), Cayden Williams (5/10), Shayan Hendricks (15/10), Dre Valentine and Hilton Coenraad (both 19/10), Jermaine Boyle and Fayaad Damon (both 21/10), Judi Beukes (22/10), Alfie Johnson (23/10), Alvarco van der Vent and Kevin Johnson (27/10) all celebrate birthdays in October. Congratulations from the VOB family.

Events, Fundraisers, etc.
Friday 27/10 – Boerewors fundraiser for club members who will get selected to represent WP this season. Come and support because, if we start early, it makes life easier financially later.

Thought for the Week
Many hands make light work!! This is such a common saying yet has so much meaning to VOB currently. We have so many people standing on the side-lines and expecting everything to be done for them. We could be the biggest and best club in South Africa if members and supporters step out of the shadows and ask WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP! Don’t wait to be asked!

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