Racing to a 9 run lead going into the 3rd inning VOB looked on course to end this game early. But poor hitting and pitch selection in the box slowed the rapid scoring down during the 3rd to 6th inning with the VOB bats going to sleep some what. Battswood who looked like they were in for a tough outing did well to stay in the game with some good fielding and hits when it matters most. Whilst VOB let themselves down with abnormal errors and they seemed to switch off for a few moments.

Lucas Budler started on the mound for VOB and threw 3 strong inning before starting to tire and give away walks. He did well to throw himself out of a jam but some damage was done as battswood closed the gap to just a 3 run difference. Kian Africa came on to steady the ship and close out the game.

From the hitting side once again Alec and shakeel stepped up and both collected 2 hits but man of match Hayden stepped and hit VOB into a winning position. Matthew Blows was fill of energy once again and Alex Japhta also looked good with bat in hand.

Another hard fought win for the u18 team as they start to pick up some needed momentum going into the 2nd round of games.