VOB vs Battswood. HADLEY made an appearance as our starting pitcher after being out for quite a few months. Solid start by him but Battswood had the lead in the second inning leading us by 5-3.It looked like it was going to be one of those games where all our solid hits went straight to their fielders. Charlie leading off with absolutely no idea what a leadoff role is hits the second ball for a homerun. To make things even worse, hes second at bat he hits another homerun.

Bradley Weeder also hitting a long one having a great day with the bat. Overs also, wait, sorry I can’t remember Overs doing much in this game but I think he hit a triple. No, sorry not sure, can’t remember. Ag, it doesn’t matter. So Overs was also at the field. Everybody contributed in some way with the bat which saw us pushing away from Battswood in the last inning. Yusuf with a beatiful pop up line drive to left field with two RBIs.

Adie came to close and now had a nice cushion and finished very strongly. Play of the day has to be Shaun with two outstanding plays at shorts top that got us out of the one inning in no time. Allister also with a beautiful double play, strike out and pick off to second base showing his strong arm and accurate throwing. Yusuf handled that pick off like the ninja we know he is and tagged the runner 10 metres short of second base.Yusuf had a bunt moment which one would expect a guy like Overs would do. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Fantastic comeback by a bunch of individuals with four hundred and seventy eleven personalities. But that is what makes this team so interesting. Laughter and drinks were flowing after a great game of baseball. VOB 13-6BATTSWOOD.