Saturday 3 November.
Super League: No game, fixtures affected by national commitments.

Second League: VOB 12, Khayelitsha Super Stars 11;

Why we played these opponents for the second time in only our fifth match is an anomaly, but we were happy to reverse the previous result. A boisterous crowd of spectators raised the atmosphere and made the victory that much more fun.

With our regular pitchers unavailable, it was Deirdre (Bernie), to the rescue after more than a decade out of the game. She started the pitching only to find the backstop an easier target than the strike zone. Then redeemed herself when moved to centre field and eventually became an instant celebrity in the final frame when she hit safely and advanced with confidence to score the winning run; converting her earlier vociferous critics on the sidelines to supporters.

Jamie (Bokkie) took to the rubber after the second batter with some temerity yet never lost heart for her first win in the second league. She was well supported by her field in a crucial first innings, noteworthy for a bullet throw from left fielder Jodi (Magnum) to catcher Shaunal (Haggis) who made a brilliant tag for the out at home.

We hammered in six runs in our first batting turn, Sian (Sheena) going deep. That should have been just the start of a landslide, but after that we stuttered away at the plate until Bokkie’s long drive in the penultimate frame cleared the bases allowing her to be ambitiously stranded for the comedy act of the day.

Batman (Farah) and Nightingale (Gadija) were their usual competent selves while JohnFred (Iman) and Manisha (Lollipop) also did their bit to make for a fine win.

Juniors: VOB 0, Lavender Hill 12;

As the second strongest team in the league, we were expected to run the powerful Lavender Hill team close. Instead we threw in the towel from the start, our best players looking out of their depth.
It was left to the lesser lights to show some fight, Lisa twice drawing walks and stealing second, Zahra not backing off and swinging the bat with intent. Nawaar was the only batter to hit safely.