Super League: VOB 5, Tantasport 9

After a dismal pre-season, we would have been satisfied to just put a team on the field, but we put in a solid, committed performance. And had it not been for two mistakes (not judgement related) by the relatively inexperienced umpires we might have ended up as victors.

Meghan pitched fairly well to Tracey, who did not look like someone who had hardly caught in a decade. The left side of our field failed to cope with difficult visual condition, the sun being low and bright, but we coped well with balls hit to the right.

Our offense was a bit patchy yet potent at times; failure to string hits together at the end hurt us. Mercedes, Tracey, and Carmenita all came up with key hits, keeping us constantly in the game.

Second League: VOB 2, Khayelitsha Super Stars 11;
6 players at seven on Saturday morning became a possible 10 at one, slipped to 7 at two, finally settled at 9 at ten past two, 7 of then juniors. And we started off playing that way, lethargically and (simple) error-prone.

When we woke up it was too late, though a last-inning rally could had radically reduced the deficit were it not for a base-running mistake. Manisha, Hannah and Zoe each had two hits.

Thanks to Chiamaka, Michelene, Nawaar, and Zahra to come to the game without any pre-season preparation.